Elevating Curb Appeal:

The Story Behind Driveway Clean & Seal

Humble beginnings in the Fremantle area led to the creation of a local business, Driveway Clean & Seal, spearheaded by Dee Simich. With a background in business, training, marketing, and sales, Dee was seeking a break from her computer-focused ventures. Her passion for driveway sealing ignited one day while assisting with a colour sealing job, where her keen eye for detail set her apart. Dee discovered that sealing driveways and enhancing their visual appeal brought her a sense of zen.

Thus, Driveway Clean & Seal was born. Dee is supported by a team of experienced pressure washers and key industry professionals, combining their expertise to create a company that goes beyond the average cleaning and sealing service. Driveway Clean & Seal is dedicated to giving driveways a stunning aesthetic makeover. Dee often jokes that sealing and cleaning driveways is like applying lipstick and giving a facelift to your home’s curb appeal. And the results speak for themselves.

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